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How We Started....

 Jake Cranston has always had a passion for food and competitive sports. After trying some of the best BBQ spots in Buffalo NY, he decided to try making his own BBQ. He attended some competitive competitions in Western NY to try the food and experience the unique atmosphere. He fell in love with BBQ after the Boston Hills BBQ competition. After doing some back yard pulled pork with a charbroil offset smoker he decided to enter the Boston Hills BBQ competition. 


Jake and The Fatman BBQ competition team was formed in 2011. After competing in our 3rd competition we won 8th place in Pulled Pork. We had our recipe down for pulled pork and started getting request to cater parties. We branched into a full service catering company in 2015. Our portfolio consist of cooking pork for Rayzor's Dawg House and Main St. Pizza. Our events consist of Holland Speedway, Mickey Rats Beach Club, Eden Ale House, Ellicottville Brewery, 12 Gates Brewery,Resurgence Brewery, Eden Corn Fest and BBQ & Blues Fest. We cater private parties, weddings, corporate events, family reunions and grad parties. We have the ability to cater your party on site with our mobile trailer.


 We make real smoked pulled pork, chicken, brisket, ribs, roast beef and turkey. All of our sides are made fresh with real ingredients from family recipes. Everything is made fresh the day of your event. Our BBQ sauce is made with fresh ingredients in our smoker. The wood we use is hickory, oak and apple. All our product is from local farms and suppliers. We take pride in our food and service. Call us for your next party or event. 



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